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Aspects to Consider when Buying Hair Extension

Every hair vendor in the market will always claim to be selling the best hair in the market. One would need to learn whether the kind of hair he or she is planning to purchase is the best quality for her. It tends to be normal for every vendor to always use the best words to market his or her hair. In most cases, some vendors will always come up with a new hair type with the intention of keeping the buyers buying.

One would also need to note that differentiating between grade 9A and 6A may be very hard. In the same line, there tends to be a difference between Remy hair extensions and non-Remy hair extensions. In the same manner, one would need to note that Remy hair tends to last up to 1 to 2 years while the non-Remy hair tends to last for only 6 months or even less.
It would also be impossible for any company to have a single donor. In most cases, one would have to pay more for double drawn hair quality bearing in mind that the material used to make it tends to cost more and also tends to involve more labor as one removes shorter hair and replaces it with full length hair. However, one would need to note that some countries tends to sell more single drawn quality when compared to double drawn quality with US and Asia differing on the definition of double drawn hair.

Having some basic understanding of human hair and synthetic hair would also be a good move. It would be critical for one to note that the human hair is generally more expensive when compared to the synthetic hair. In most cases, most of the manufacturers tend to use the synthetic hair on the human hair to make it fuller and at the same time cut on cost.

Weight of the bundle of hair is yet another aspect one would need to consider. Under normal circumstances, standard weight hair tends to weigh about 100 gr. Any time you find a bundle being sold at a cheaper price in the market, there is need to check for the weight. One would need up to three bundles to fully cover the head with standard weight hair. Hair bleaching process tends to highly depend on the quality of the hair to be used. One would need to note that while the human hair can be bleached, synthetic hair cannot be bleached as bleaching would destroy the hair. Due to the fact that synthetic hair tends to be hard to change color, most manufacturers tends to manufacture them with some light colors which cannot be changed further.

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