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Benefits of Education and Employment Apprenticeships

Apprentices gain the experience needed to thrive in their careers from an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships presents practitioners ability to acquire licenses to use in their regulated professions. Apprentices are mostly trained as they work for employers who are helpful to apprentices learning their careers for a certain period of time in exchange for labour. The benefits an apprenticeship offers is coming to the attention of many employers. Apprenticeship can include employing a new staff member or encouraging an old staff member to further their career by taking an apprenticeship. Both the apprentice and the apprenticeship company benefit from the program. Benefits of apprenticeship are as described below.

Staff loyalty and retention is the first benefit of an apprenticeship Workforce trained in a company tend to be more committed, motivated and supportive of the company and its objectives. An apprenticeship opportunity makes staff to see their jobs as a career as well as stay for long with companies. This lowers recruitment costs. When an existing workforce is granted an apprenticeship, they feel an important part of staff making them happy about investing in their future. Results coming to companies that engage in apprenticeship is a more satisfied workforce that is motivated. This has led to increased retention of employees.

The second benefit is increased company bottom line. Investing in staff team that has gone through apprenticeship have a positive effect on the finances of a company hence place it at a competitive position. More clients prefer to use companies that involve an apprenticeship. A big number of customers choose companies that offer apprenticeship. It is possible to calculate return on investment an apprenticeship realizes on your company on your company website. In addition, the amount charged from each apprentice means a company does not spend a lot recruit new staff.

The third pro is that apprenticeship frees existing staff’s time. As a business grows, it posses the challenge of denying its existing workforce time to focus on their major job descriptions as small tasks demand their attention. The basic activities are handed over to the apprentices as part of their learning and showing responsibility. This, on the other hand, ensures existing staff is freed off their time. Better allocation of roles increases your company’s productivity.
The fourth benefit is that apprenticeships provide skilled labour for the future. Workforce that undergoes apprenticeship ensure that the company benefit from their skilled labour in the long run. Apprenticeship as well matches the training with the company’s future needs. This will provide the company with a source from within of skilled staff.

The final pro is the revitalization of your business by apprentices. Most often, apprentices bring on fresh board approaches combined with the positive attitude to the workplaces causing a knock-on effect to the existing workforce. By undertaking apprenticeship, apprentices show their readiness to learn and contribute new ideas into the company. As apprentices originate from a variety of backgrounds, they can bring a range of insights into the activities of your business.

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