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Tips for Enjoying Your Very First Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you are finally getting on your very first hot air balloon ride, but you’re not quite certain what to expect, don’t panic! Below are a few tips to ensure that your first hot air balloon experience is a walk in the clouds:

Have a flexible schedule.

Hot air balloon flights are naturally dependent on weather. If there’s a storm or anything that could reduce the safety of a ride, the flight will usually be cancelled. Balloon pilots and staff are masters of the wind and conditions, allowing them to provide a safe and thrilling experience.

Be calm and enjoy the experience.

Ballooning is a laid back experience that should not be rushed. You have to allow some 3 to 4 hours total for the full experience. When you get there, you will be given a safety orientation by your pilot before they ready the balloon. All are encouraged to be involved in this usually fun experience, which is also a perfect time to know your balloon party before your flight. When the balloon is inflated, you can go inside the basket and prepare for your flight, which is about an hour long.

Follow instructions.

A hot air balloon ride is undeniably exciting, but it comes with some risks. Expect the staff to give you safety instructions, mainly for the take off and landing. Follow what they say to ensure a safe flight for everybody.

Wear smart.

Depending on the season, you might want to put on some layers. It could get chilly leading up to a morning flight and following an evening flight. Put on some sensible shoes – we usually land in a field – and bring a hat for protection against the heat!

Secure your belongings.

Be sure to strap down anything you’re not ready to lose, such as sunglasses, mobile phones, and so on. Going 5000 feet down is a long way.

Have fun with the views.

As you’d picture, floating over the earth in a hot air balloon will give you some absolutely spectacular views. Take loads of pictures and simply relish the landscape under you. You don’t always have that chance.

What’s next if my flight gets cancelled?

Because ballooning is a weather-dependent activity, don’t be surprised by weather cancellations. Some people are simply fortunate to fly on their first attempt, but need to make a few tries before becoming successful. Due to this, you will likely be scheduled at least two flights with each booking. Before you actually book a ride, ask the ride operator about this.
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