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What to Do with a Small Kitchen to Make it Look Large

The kitchen is one part of the home where family converge lots of times during the day. Remodeling can help make your small kitchen be visually enlarged. Follow the ideas below to help make your small kitchen a large one.

It is by making your kitchen light and bright that you can make your small and narrow kitchen look large. You can paint your walls and ceiling white. With white paint, light will be reproduced. Another quality of the color white is that it expands the sense of space and draws out the walls. A white countertop will help make it look larger. You can also choose white or light colors for your cabinets and other furniture that are mounted on the walls. White the color white you will have a seamless space which looks clean and bright.

Another way to make your small kitchen look bigger is by organizing all your kitchen components in adjacent colors, or colors which are almost identical or have slight differences when put together. Since demarcating lines will disappear, you will have a seamless look. Make sure that when you choose your appliances, countertops, cabinets and other furniture, choose colors that are identical. To harmonize your color tone, plan where to put your appliances, cabinets, or countertops.

Put a window that will let natural light in. Make sure that if you are going to put a blind or a curtain, the color will match the kitchen color scheme. You don’t have to feel that you are in a cramped space if natural lighting comes in during the daytime. A single tall window that can be opened when you want to, can be dressed up with a blind or a curtain. Or you can eliminate the curtains or blinds by using smoky glass for your windows for privacy but still lets the natural light in.

To increase the height of the space, you should make the design to allow for the eyes to draw up. Attention can be drawn up by putting moldings on the gap between the cabinets and the ceiling. You can also put things up there like your wine rack or ceramic platters and install some dramatic lighting. Even though cabinet are standard in sizes when you buy them in the store, the height of the ceiling will vary from house to house. Ceilings and walls are, most of the time, not accurately square. This is why there is a gap formed by the cabinet tops and the ceilings. If your house has a low ceiling, you can install cabinets flushed to the ceiling so the space disappears. It is only through visualizing the space that can make your small kitchen space feel bigger. You can put panels or molding or put ornaments.

Now it is easy to make a very small kitchen look larger by using the tips above when remodeling your kitchen.

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