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The Advantages Of Trying Tantra Sex

One of the oldest sex practices is tantra sex which was started by the Hindu community. Married couples should try tantra sex since it is meant for two people who connect and trust each other. Both partners are required to connect spiritually first then physically because this type of sex does not necessarily mean that you jump directly to the act. Tantra sex has been known to help couples orgasm even from a hug from their significant other. The sex involves synchronized breathing while facing each other face to face, the female can sit on her partners lap to increase the intensity. A very well-known website that couples contact to learn about tantric sex is Ecstatic Hearts Tantra.

Using tantra sex will guarantee you intense orgasms even by just touching and speaking to your partner. This act has been known to spice up things in the bedroom such that even a couple that had been having boring sex in the past cannot take their hands off each other. If you read the Ecstatic Hearts Tantra reviews and testimonials, you will be surprised by the magical effect that tantra sex has on relationships and marriages. A valid reason why you should try tantra sex in your relationship is that it will bring you closer to your partner as well as make your sex life more interesting. Tantra basically means woven together, which is why couples become glued to each other during tantra sex.

The two of you should practice tantra sex often in order to get the desired results you two deserve. During the Ecstatic Heart Tantra classes, you will learn from how to sit with your partner to how you are you are supposed to stare into each other’s eyes and also the breathing technique. This is literally weaving your body and soul together with your other significant other body and soul too. Being connected physically and spiritually to someone that you love and have sex with is such a great feeling. Sexual energy increases between the couple during tantra sex if they massage each other and it highly recommended.

Meditation and visualization before engaging in the actual act of tantra sex is very helpful to couples trying to spice up their sex life. Before they even get intimate, one can get to visualize their partner and what they can do to each other. Visualization technique is one of the most powerful way to have an outrageous orgasm without contact. As taught in the Ecstatic Hearts Tantra classes, it stimulates your sexual parts increasing your sexual energy leading to a hands-free orgasm. To learn more about tantra sex, you should visit their page.
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