Counseling Support for Eating Disorder

Everyone has heard someone say, “I’m addicted to potato chips”, or some other popular food. Generally, when people talk about addiction, they forget the fact that food items can be addicting too. Most of them only focus on addictions such as drugs, alcohol and substance abuse. Little do they know that food addiction can be more life threatening than any of the addiction that they constantly fear about.

In fact, studies have shown that more people suffer or die early due to their choice of wrong food. Addiction to greasy food items can lead to cholesterol and accumulation of body fat, which will lead to obesity, heart disease and ultimately death. Additionally, recovery from this addiction takes a lot of time and effort because people tend to take it lightly. The reason food addiction can be even more dangerous is because people really question about if it is possible for someone to get addicted to food. Unlike drugs and alcohol, food is essential for our survival. And there are many people who eat sugary and fatty food on a daily basis but seem to have control over what they eat. The notion here is that, those who are addicted to food are only because they are vulnerable to it. For example, their belief is that someone with a genetic risk for other addictions are more likely to get addicted to even something as innocence as food. After all, there are people who have experimented with drugs and alcohol and not being controlled by them.

There are many studies regarding whether or not food addiction is real and how this addiction is different from other types of addiction. Some of the findings are surprising in that food addiction do differ from alcohol addiction or drug abuse. Addiction to food is in fact the result of certain types of behavior which needs counseling in order to cure. This addiction may have started at a young age when a person was going through life altering conditions such as child abuse, learning difficulties, stress, anxiety and other mental agonies. Their cure for addiction should have come from professional counselors like grief counseling for young adults north salt lake ut. Rather than categorize under addictions such as alcohol, prescription medication and drugs, researchers have classified food addiction as a behavioral issue. It makes sense in every way as well because most people who are addicted to eating do not go through “food fix” but suffer from stress and anxiety instead. Their cause of addiction did not start with food but rather caused by emotions. In essence, food addiction is not about food itself but about how the food is being used.

Once this journey down the road of food addiction has begun, there is nothing that can stop the addict unless there is medical or psychological intervention. Effective counseling has been proven to bring these addicts out of their roller coaster ride of emotions. There are many mental health programs out there that are tailored to these addicts’ needs.