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When to Use High-Performance Floor Coatings

Deciding upon a floor coating for your industrial, commercial, or residential space is a big decision. There are so many options now that decision-making can be hard. One of the first choices the customer must make is whether they require a high-performance coating, and if you do, the kind of criteria the coating should meet. Here are some questions which the user should ask before buying:.

o Is your flooring exposed to intense Temperatures? .

Do not answer too fast. In some instances, the answer might be obvious, the floor being outdoors, in a non-climate controlled place, or in a freezer or similar location while in others, it is not so obvious. For instance, some places might be climate controlled throughout the daytime, but not at night, or may be non-climate controlled during specific areas of the year. The place could possibly be climate controlled, however, the flooring remains vulnerable to boiling or freezing temperatures for different reasons like frozen products storage, even short-term, can affect several floors that are not temperature resistant. Additionally, think about the cleaning regimen utilized. Is the flooring steam cleaned at any point? Even short-term vulnerability to extreme temperatures can warrant using some high-performance coating.

o Is the floor vulnerable to corrosive, Hazardous substances? .

Floors in maintenance places might be exposed to chemicals which require a high-performance coat to deal with satisfactorily. You also need to consider what materials or procedures are used to clean out the floor; if harsh methods such as bleaching are required, a high-performance option is essential. It could be more expensive at first, but it is going to save costs later, because a high-performance choice will last much longer.

o Is your flooring getting lots of traffic? .

Flooring with continuous traffic should have a better kind of coating, even though they don’t require it for other reasons. Again, it is more costlier investment initially, but it is far more economical in the long term; not only may the flooring coating not need reapplication as soon, but the consumer won’t need to shut down at preparation, application, and its drying as often.

o Is the flooring subject to heavy or high impact loads? .

If a floor is susceptible to heavy loads (like machinery), or high impact loads (dropped heavy loads), it should have a high-quality coating to make certain it isn’t damaged too soon. While many regular coatings promise hefty load bearing capacities, they seldom ensure that performance over an extended period of time, leaving a high-performance option the better alternative.

There is another good reason to select high-performance coatings: they often last longer. They require be replaced less often, meaning more uptime, lower expenses over time, and much more convenience for the user in the long term.

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