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Types of Hair Transplants

Many people around the world especially men suffer from hair loss but still, no complete remedy can completely stop these. These men see themselves as being ugly due to this baldness and tend to have a sinking feeling and profound feeling of themselves when they look in the mirror. Until now, people are still using caps and wigs for covering the baldness. Some men even opt to completely shave their hair so that people cannot notice the baldness. A feeling of happiness and hope has been restored to many people through the introduction of hair transplant clinics. The transplant clinics offer both operational and non-operational procedure that helps with the hair loss.

Some transplant clinics lack qualified and experienced workers. Before undertaking the treatment, it is essential that you ensure that the facility which will conduct the transplant on you has qualified professionals, talented and are highly skilled and experienced to perform the operation.

Follicle Unit Extraction(FUE) is a type of hair transplant that is the most recent restoration treatment which ideally involves one by one removal of hair follicles from the donor’s head either from the back or the side. The process is much better because no marking or scars are left on the head of the donor patient. These FUE clinics have touched and changed the lives of people due to their rapid rise. The dedication of the FUE clinics towards helping people has restored many people lives to better comfortable ones and gave men a youthful appearance.

Follicle Unit Transfer(FUT) is another type of hair transplant. Here, a thick strip of tissue is extracted from the scalp of the patient on the side or the back of the head. The strand of hair removed from the scalp is prepared using stereomicroscope. Higher output and yield of hair can be achieved through FUT transplant without compromising the quality of the hair.

Hair transplant clinics are better than cosmetic surgery clinics since they are better and more exposed to new hair loss treatment that is readily available in the market. Cosmetic surgery clinics do not dedicate much of their time to master the emerging trends and ways in treating hair loss hence it is better to stick with hair transplant clinics because they can treat you following the right and latest procedures. Choose an experienced doctor to perform the procedure on you.

Ensure that the doctors at the FUE clinics are dedicated to their work and that they are professionals before going through with the operation.

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