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Our teeth often hold an unusual place within our lives. They’re undeniably important to us. On a purely mechanical level they’re what gives us the ability to eat a wide variety of food. Anything which is so necessary to a basic function of life deserves some respect. But there’s also an undeniable social aspect to our teeth. A smile is often worth a thousand words. When we think of the first moments when we felt love for a person there’s often a smile involved.

However, there’s another element to teeth which we are often far less aware of. Teeth have a wide variety of attractions to humans. Both for our own use and as a way to communication emotion to others with a smile. But there’s whole other class of life which is just as attracted to a nice smile. Bacteria love our teeth. Our mouths are a wonderfully warm and moist environment which is the optimal place for bacteria to grow. Likewise, most of us have some food particles in our mouths for the bacteria to eat.

The process of bacterial growth is why we experience tooth decay. It’s not so uncommon for people to brush that fact off. Most of us have strong memories of how often we refused to brush our teeth as kids. But we seldom really think about what happens when a tooth infection gets out of hand.

Just to begin, there’s the issue of pain. A single tooth can end up causing pain in one’s entire jaw. But there’s also the issue of what an infection actually is. It’s literally a mass of living creatures that are eating us from the inside. And those creatures also deposit caustic waste products right into our mouths. If a tooth is damaged enough it can even destroy the tooth and push toxins into our circulatory system.

It’s quite possible for a tooth infection to eventually even reach the brain. But the more common end of severe infections comes down to the tooth simply falling out. There’s still time to take care of the damage at that point though. You can search online for any implant dentistry fort wayne in. near you. Looking for local help means that he wouldn’t have to worry about driving there.

And once he goes to that dentist, he’ll be able to discuss the options. The most likely suggestion will involve implanting an artificial tooth directly into his jaw. This will fully preserve his ability to chew food. And it’ll look natural to the point where he won’t have to be self-conscious about smiling.

A dental implant can essentially replace a damaged tooth. However, it’s also important to remember that it’s often only an option if the underlying foundation of gum and jaw are strong enough to work with the procedure. This is one of many reasons why people need to be careful about brushing on a regular basis. It ensures that even when something goes wrong with a tooth that the underlying foundation of one’s mouth is still strong.