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Everything You Need to Know About Stem Cell Therapy

One of the most popular trends in the field of medicine these days is the treatment called the stem cell therapy. This type of therapy makes use of embryonic as well as adult stem cells for conditions that are in need of fast cell regeneration. Although it might be unusual for some, these types of cells can actually provide great help in the reproduction of dead cells and aid in the repair of damaged cells.

The embryonic stem cells are the ones that are taken from embryos in their early stages. But those cells taken from post fetal animals are called adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are mostly taken from fats, tissues, bone marrow, cartilage, ligaments, tendon, liver, nerves and the heart. Yet out of all the tissues, the umbilical blood has the most mesenchymal stem cell while the umbilical blood and the bone marrow contain the most stem cells that bear the capacity to turn into red and white blood cells.

There are also several types of cells that you can transfuse in a stem cell therapy and the kind of cell you need must be suited for the specific needs of your body. One of the many types of stem cells is the autologous stem cell which come from the same animal as the receiver. When transplanting, this type of cell is the best one to get because it does not have a high risk of being rejected by the body since it came from the same animal. Another type of stem cell is the allogenic stem cell which is derived from a donor of the same species. Since the composition from the same species is almost the same, this type of stem cell is also less likely to be rejected. Another type of stem cell is the xenogenic stem cell which has a higher chace of being rejected since it came from another species but despite that, there are still successful cases of xenogenic stem cell transplant.

The aim in every stem cell is to increase cell regeneration which makes it perfect for relieving pain. Because it acts as a tool that aids in fast regenerating of cells, you can now let go of countless medications. For those who are experiencing problems with mobility as well as sleep, stem cell therapy can also save your dilemmas.

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