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How Important is Updating your Address in DMV?

If you have the plans to move, one of the things that you would want to do is to update your address to all that sends correspondence to you through USPS mail. One of the simplest things which you can actually do and must do would be in updating the address if you move. The DMV will need you to do this as well as the law enforcement. In the article below, you will learn on some reasons why it is very important that you consider updating your address:

The first reason is that the DMV is going to send you registration for the renewal notices towards your new address. When you will do this, you actually could avoid being late and having to incur the late penalty fees if it is time already to get your auto tag stickers.

The DMV also will send you a notice about a suspended registration and you could potentially be unaware of it. This is possible because your insurance company sometimes will not notify the DMV that you have an insurance and this means that you could be driving around with a suspended registration for assuming because the insurance company did their part through electronically notifying the DMV.

The DMV likewise will be sending you a notice when you have any unpaid registration fees. There are instances sometimes to where a person who you have sold a vehicle dont do a title transfer, which results to where the vehicle will remain in your name and because of this, all notices, unpaid registration fees and other things related to it will be sent to you. By providing the right address, you will be able to respond fast to such notices and you also could avoid the collections against you on a vehicle that you don’t own anymore.

There also are some other entities like parking ticket enforcement and third parties that may send you a notice and you may not be aware of it. The tow yard may send you a notice of pending lien sales or a parking enforcement agency may have sent you a ticket already where you were not aware with. This is why it’s essential that you have these notices sent to you for you to be able to respond fast and be able to clarify the situation.

One easy way with how you can update your address at the DMV is in filling out a form, sign it and have this mailed to the DMV. The other option which you could do is to sign up on the DMV website and update your address there electronically.

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